Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week 55: In Which we get a new car, team-teach with JWs, and attend the mission-wide conference

Weekly Letter

Written June 12

Hey, everyone!

It's been a crazy week. Last Monday, we continued to improve Exo-Command (the board game Elder West and I are inventing). Monday evening, we had a sweet lesson with two people who became new investigators: Genaro and Angelina! We tried to find some people home for the rest of our time, but no one was there.

On Tuesday, we had a pretty average day. We tracted in the morning for an hour or so, and then tried by some potential investigators. No one answered. We then returned, had lunch, and studied as a companionship then studied language for an hour each. After that, we tried by more people who weren't home. At 5, we had dinner. At 6, we had an awesome lesson with Noe and Maria! Brother Edwards, the High Priest's Group leader. Noe and Maria are doing great, and we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ (basically the Doctrine of Christ). That is, after all, our purpose.* We then went with by Miriam (a former investigator who told us we could come by then) with Brother Tucker. She wasn't there, though, so we knocked a door with Brother Tucker.  He is the best! He's super bold.

Wednesday, we tried by people and tracted in the morning, had studies/lunch, tried by more people in the afternoon, had dinner, tried by more people in the evening with a member (Genaro and Angelina rescheduled), said goodbye to our old car (a 2013 Ford Fusion named "The Beast") and had correlation with Brother Corey, the Ward Mission Leader.

Thursday, it was more of the same, but in the morning Elder West and the other leaders had a meeting, so I updated the area book with Elder Rigby as a temporary companion (his companion is the other District Leader, Elder Najarian). That evening, we had a lesson where we taught some members who recently moved into the area, the Cockrells. We also got our new car, a beautiful White 2017 Toyota Corolla! It's really great.

Friday, we did weekly planning, tracted, and tried by people. That evening we had our lesson with Genaro and Angelina, but turns out, they accidentally scheduled our lesson for the same time as a lesson with the Jehovah's Witnesses. We couldn't even get a word in edgewise, and we didn't want to say anything that could be construed as confrontational. It was dumb, and we eventually were able to extract ourselves from the situation, but only after way too much time.

Saturday, we had our awesome Mission Meeting where we got to hear from an Apostle, Elder Andersen! Bro. and Sis. Mullins took us. We then worked for a while, planned a cool missionary class we were teaching Sunday with the other Elders, and had another lesson with Noe and Maria. They abandoned a birthday party to talk to us, and are getting a lot busier with the picking season, so we just showed them a short video ("Fe" from "Principe de Paz", the latest Easter Initiative, but Spanish-version). We invited them to pray every day.

Sunday, they came to church! We were super happy! We then had dinner, knocked 1-2 doors, and had a couple of lessons with the Hodges and the Mullins, two families in our ward. It was great!

Love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!


Elder Adams
Missionary Work
A Haiku by Elder Adams

I wish you would not fall through.
Please just get baptized.
Algunos Funny Quotes
These are best when taken out of context, so that is exactly what I will do.
Elder Adams: Oh, my goodness! It's a camel-mounted artillery piece!
Elder West: I just love the feeling of a nice, cold, mouthpiece on your face.
Elder Adams: Ugh, people! Just... gospel! 

Questions from Editor Mom

Is it uncomfortably warm there yet?Well, it's getting there. Thankfully, unlike last year, we have a car here :-) It's much nicer.

Have you finished making your game?Nope. We're still working on polishing it, but we have a lot of the details sorted out. That will be today's activity for Elder West and me.

Tell us about the bi-mission conference. Was it fun to reconnect with former companions? Who did you most enjoy visiting with? What did Elder Anderson and the other general authority talk about?Wow. It was crazy. It was definitely fun to reconnect. As it turns out, Elder Steadman is in Wenatchee, and is companions with Elder Fordham! Would you believe it?!? That must be a crazy companionship right there. I'm positive they'll do a lot of good and make a splash.

How did you get up to Richland? How long did it take you to get there?We got a ride from Bro. and Sis. Mullins. They are amazing! They are the service missionaries down here who teach the Daily Dose Spanish class. They don't speak any Spanish, but they're not supposed to anyway (it's an MTC-type deal - only 
English is spoken). They even brought muffins for us!
[Editor's note: For context, see this YouTube video that was sent to us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5GvQr6JRqs] 

Is there a story behind the teapot song?Well, we were just having dinner with the Fergusons, and they told us they have a tradition that whenever the Elders eat with them, we have to sing for our meal. The first time, it has to be the teapot song. They always make a point to send the video to the families. I'm sure you appreciated that. It's their family tradition, basically.

Mission Conference
Video of all of the missionaries waiting quietly to stand on the risers for their mission portrait.  Ben is at about 0:40.

Missionaries filing onto the risers for their mission picture.  Ben is just walking in to the left (dark suit, red tie).

Getting ready for the picture in front of the Kennewick, WA temple.  This is only about 25% of the whole group.  Ben is in the middle, 2nd row, looking over his shoulder.


Our game:
My Half-way mark:
(Left to Right)




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