Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 22: In which I reconnect with Analy, prepare for a temple visit, and brace for cooler weather.

Cool Story...

Hello, everyone!

So, cool story: it's getting cooler. Also, cool stuff is happening! Because we're going to the temple tomorrow, I have significantly less time to write email today.

We're still working with Juana, and she's doing really great! We're going to meet with her tonight at Bro. Clive's house.

This week, we felt particularly inspired one evening during nightly planning to try by a certain former investigator as a backup for our plans if they fell through. It was pretty clearly a moment of direct revelation, and was strongly confirmed by the spirit. It was very odd; we had only ever talked to this person once, they showed great promise, and they then fell off the face of the earth. We determined that should our plans fall through, we would most definitely stop by this former investigator.

Well, as luck would have it, our plans indeed fell through. We walked with faith and excitement to follow through on the prompting we had received the evening before. We knocked on their door, and while my companion had never met this investigator, my heart leaped for joy when she opened the door! As it turns out, our one visit nearly a full transfer before had needed some time to take full effect. She told us that she was extremely grateful for our help, as we had lifted her up during a particularly difficult time of her life. She told us she had been praying the way we had taught her ever since, and in a later visit (where we taught her again), she informed us she also has been trying to read in the Book of Mormon each night when she finds some peace before going to bed! She then said that she has felt a lot more peace and happiness in her home and in her life since beginning to pray the way we taught her. She had clearly been influenced by the spirit.

We were blown away. This is an investigator who we had only seen once before, and that significantly more than a month ago! Finally, she told us that she has felt she needs to go to church, but doesn't know anyone at any churches here in Wenatchee. She then asked us if she could come to our church, since she already knows us. She asked for the address, and we gladly gave it to her.

We returned on Saturday to teach her, and are going back again on Wednesday to continue. She sadly did not come to church this last week, but finding her, seeing the changes she chose to make in her life, and helping her understand that we can help her find even more joy has been one of the most inspiring moments of my life to this point. I know that if we really dedicate ourselves, in planning and in practice, we can receive revelation to help us in this work.

By the way, you may be interested to know who this investigator is. I told you about our first miraculous meeting in my August 29th email. Her name is Analy.

I am constantly humbled by the grandeur of the work of the Lord. Truly, the plan our Heavenly Father has for us is perfect to every detail.

I love you all, and wish you all the very best!

Elder Adams
Questions from Editor Mom:
Still butt freezingly cold? - Well, yeah. Hasn't gotten warmer. It's the good kind of cold (that I like).
Do you have a cello in your apartment? - Yep, cello in the apartment, thought that will not be the norm. Haven't been able to return it for a while.

Anything we could send for your investigators or compadres? - Not that I can think of immediately, no.

Boots still comfy? - Um, sadly, my black dress boots, while still very comfy, began falling apart early in the week. I am now just wearing my brown shoes you sent me. This incessant walking is destroying my footwear!

Temple trip? - Tomorrow; I can't do the initiatories for the family name you sent, but I plan to call the temple so they can send someone through to do those before me so I can do the endowment for them.

Checked the boxes? - Yep. People tried to put money in them, and nothing else yet. We plan to put out some other boxes as well for a free english class the church holds.

Bikes yet? - Nope. We've got some, but they're in really bad repair. We can't ride them according to mission standards.

Ward activities? - Not too many right now, mainly the upcoming trunk-or-treat.

Elder Boren, trying to avoid this picture:

Me, with some awesome finger-less mittens that a member here knits for missionaries, as well as beanies. Also, Elder Call is behind me doing his Elder Call thing.
From a while back, we walked for a tiny bit on this bridge one P-Day. It's pretty, I guess.

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