Friday, October 21, 2016

Week 21: In which I hang with the Villalobos family, meet Jefferson, and help Juana commit to baptism

I think we need a bigger building...

Aaaaand another week bites the dust. They are just flying by! This week was super, super cool. There have been a ton of miracles. We are still teaching Lady and Juana. We've also found a lot more really awesome people. I don't even know where to begin!

Well, let's start from the very beginning (it's a very good place to start). We were able to stop by Juana last Monday with the Carreras. She seemed pretty hesitant to make too many commitments, but we just left her again with an invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Since then, we've also been visiting Lady. We also had a second visit with her son, Jesus. She keeps forgetting to read and doesn't really want to pray with us, but we're working with her. She's pretty awesome!

Friday, we went by some awesome members here, the Villalobos family. They're super cool. We taught the Restoration to them, and promised them that names would come to their minds. By the end of the short lesson, Brother Villalobos was in tears. The spirit was very strong. He told us he actually had a good friend come to his mind whom he wanted to invite over to his house to listen to the missionaries. His friend lives in the area of the other elders, so we let them know and we hope that good things come of that.

This last Saturday, we were walking to try to meet with someone who was potentially interested, and we walked past a house I remembered. A while ago, we had helped the people there move a couch into the house from outside. They seemed pretty nice, but we had never really gone back. As we walked past Saturday, I felt that we needed to knock that door and ask how they were doing.

We knocked the door, and said hello. When I looked in, I mentioned that I recognized the couch, and immediately a young man stood up from off the couch and invited us in. His name is Jefferson. As it turns out, he had moved relatively recently from El Salvador. While in El Salvador, his dad had actually been studying with the missionaries! However, their family had to move and came here without his dad. He seemed super interested in the message of the restoration. He said that recently, he'd actually been wondering a lot which of all the churches was the true church that Christ established. He said he totally wanted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. He then asked us if there was a time we could come back to talk more!

Yesterday, a member of the ward (congregation) here invited one of their cousins to attend church! I sat next to him the whole time to help him feel more comfortable and answer his questions. His name is Angel. As it turns out, he lives right in the middle of the area where we work! We're going to try going by him tonight.

Finally, last night, we went by Juana Gonzalez again (she had been busy before). We brought another member, Brother Wengreen, with us. She then told us that she had actually read a tiny bit in the Book of Mormon! We then taught her about the Plan of Salvation. When we asked her how she felt, she responded "It's true. That is what God has done." The spirit was totally there, and she agreed that when she got her answer about the truth of the Book of Mormon through prayer, she would be baptized! She agreed to the 12th of November as a goal. She then asked us if we have church on Sunday, and Bro. Wengreen invited her to come and offered to stop by with his wife beforehand so they could go together and show her where it is and things. It's been so awesome!

This week has truly been full of great blessings. It's pretty amazing, really. I've been able to see quite clearly many foundations being laid for a long, long time. Now, it feels that even as the apple harvest continues, we are finding more and more people who have been prepared and are ready to be gathered together.

I love it here! I love all of you, and all the people here. They're so great.

Lots of love,
Elder Adams


Q&A from Editor Mom:

Just a few questions this week, because I'm on my phone in a bus. You know how that goes....

Boots and shoes holding up?
Boots and shoes: check.
Tell me about your interview.
Interview: Sweet. Basically, talked a bit with President and Sister Lewis (separately) about the work here and the gospel. It was really cool! They're both such great people. We could totally end up family friends after my (and their) mission! Also, you would love the Clives. I already mentioned Bro. (Sterling) Clive. They're a young family, and just the kind of people who tend to end up family friends, too.
Socks comfy?
Socks: Heaven.
Having fun?
Fun: Check.
Getting along?
Getting along: Check
Warm enough?
Temperature: Butt-freezingly cold. But I love it, and am plenty prepared just in case.
Love: return to sender (while keeping my share, of course) ;-)
Pictures copied from the Mission President's Wife's blog, and from Ben's companion's blog:

The Mission President's wife texted this photo to Tammy:

Photos posted on the Mission President's Wife's Blog:

The following photo came with this caption.  The Mission President's Wife asked each missionary what they most enjoyed from the recent General Conference of the LDS Church:

Elder Adams:  I loved the talk about prayer and the Inca bridge at Machu Pichu.  We need to follow spiritual promptings when they come, and then follow through with our actions.  Loved Elder Rasband’s talk on Faith and the feeling I got when he said, “You know what to do, now do it!”  We must keep building our faith and use our faith to keep going.  Humility + Faith = Miracles!

The following was posted on Elder Boren's blog:  (Elder Boren is Ben's companion)

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