Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 51: In which we pull morning glory, I attend zone conference, and I call my mom

For Lack of a Better Name

Hello, my beautiful family!

I am sitting here today, and I'm super happy to be writing you all. Elder West and I have had a really cool week.

We've been going back for a couple of weeks to help a man named Rafa out with his yard. Well, it's not really a yard, but more like a mountain of weeds. You see, his wife got Leukemia, and so he's been understandably swamped (ironically, literally) with chores and weeds. Neither of them has had the time or the strength to keep up. However, we found him walking down a street we felt we needed to be on, and then after offering to help him, we felt like our work there was done. We've since gone back with service clothes several times and have helped him clear it up a bit.

What happened is a tree fell in his backyard, and morning glory grew up all around it. The fallen tree gave the morning glory a lot more volume. Then, some really nasty long grass grew up everywhere, giving the morning glory extra added support. We have been destroying that, and we'll go back tomorrow.

We've been focused on finding more people lately, and there are a lot of really cool potential investigators to go by and draw from! We're super hopeful.

Sorry, there's just not a lot to say. I was super grateful for the opportunity we had to talk a little and see each other yesterday; it was a real treat.

I love you all!


Elder Adams

Questions from Editor Mom

Thank you so much for calling this afternoon. I know it's the mission norm, but it was great to see your face and hear your voice. And I still have questions--do you believe it? :-) - Knowing you? Yes, of course! ;-)

How was church? Did any investigators show up? - No. Sadly, no one came this week.

Was it fun and uplifting for you to call? How do you feel after the fact? - It was definitely uplifting! I feel more energized and ready to get out there and kill it. I'm super happy you are all doing so well, and I'm super grateful for your support and encouragement.

How many people are in your district now? - 8 missionaries in total, with Senior Companion listed first:

The Dalles 1st Ward (English): Elder Putnam, Elder Hunt
The Dalles 2nd Ward (English): Elder Bird (ZL), Elder Poloncic (ZL)
The Dalles Spanish (Spanish, attends 2nd Ward, area covers the entire district): Elder West (DL), Elder Adams
Goldendale (English): Sister Grigg, Sister Wadman
Tell us about zone conference, please. - It was awesome! We have an increased focus on fine-tuning obedience. See, our mission is generally super obedient, but we're not perfect. Therefore, we decided that in order to be even more successful, we should focus on increasing the level of our obedience to a new high. I'm personally pretty excited. It's mainly stuff like increasing our sense of urgency about the work, being more consecrated, and avoiding even the appearance of evil. I personally feel this will help us a lot in this mission to be even better ready to take advantage of the opportunities given to us.
Are root beer floats still your treat of choice? - I haven't had them for a while, so I guess the answer to your question is no. I'm trying to be a little healthier, but I still am tempted to get them on occasion. They are certainly a really good treat.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming week(s)? - You know? I'm really not sure. Probably personal interviews with President Lewis.

Do you want us to send you any specific pictures or stickers for decorating your planner? - Not that I can think of, but if you think of something that would be cool, feel free to send it! 

Elder Adams


Pictures posted by the Mission President's wife from Zone Conference

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