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Week 45: In which we teach Fani, go to conference, and I relate an odd dream.

Weekly Email #2,369.7

Written 3 April 2017
Hey, everyone!

Okay, honestly, I have no idea how many weekly emails I've sent. I've completely lost count. Basically, this week was awesome. We've been trying to work with Fani, and she's been feeling a lot better! She really wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true. She is leaning towards being baptized, but she doesn't know for sure if it's true yet. I suppose that's a fair reason. Anyway, we are trying to help her recognize the Spirit better so she can understand her answer. She doesn't really want to go to church until she knows if it's true, which is interesting, because that's honestly going to be something that will help her to get her answer.

We had some amazing experiences this week with General conference. At the Saturday morning session, a young man named Brian came. He's really cool! He loved Conference, and apparently some of his questions were answered. He had had some questions earlier about the Plan of Salvation, and we helped answer some of them. We'll try to keep working with him. Also, Gloria came to the Sunday afternoon session! Gloria is a less active member of the Church. We went to visit her right before the session, and we had a great discussion. She then came to General Conference with her daughter! They are so amazing!

Elder Tapia and I are beginning to focus more on finding new people to teach. I'm super excited for what lies ahead! I don't have a lot more to write today, but I will end with my testimony.

I have learned that the Gospel really does change people's hearts. I know that because I have seen it. I know that there is power in the Priesthood of God. I know that Jesus Christ lives; he has restored His Gospel again on the earth through Joseph Smith. I know that miracles happen. I am so, so grateful for the love God shows us. He is truly our Father in Heaven, and He knows us all very, very personally.

I love you all!

Elder Adams
Questions from Editor Mom:
Wie gehts? - Bien bien, gracias! Y usted?
Good, good, thanks.  And you?

Wie war die Konferenz fur dich? - Me inspiro mucho. Estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad que tenemos cada seis meses para escuchar a nuestros lideres. Son personas bien, bien inspiradas.
It inspired me a lot.  I am very grateful for the opportunity we have every six months to listen to our leaders.  They are very, very inspired people.

Have you had any close calls with driving through water there? I've noticed Yakima was having some serious flooding. I drove through water on the road once, and my car started to float. It was actually pretty scary. Don't do it! - No, there are no problems about driving through water, although oddly enough, you remind me of a dream I had in Othello. A full 6 weeks before I left Othello, I had a nightmare I was being transferred. I dreamed I was being transferred to one of the (supposedly) most beautiful areas in the mission (in my mind it was Chelan, but I don't know why. I just knew it was supposed to be super pretty there). I was the driver in a driving area, I had a great companion, and the area was indeed gorgeous. It was oddly wooded for the mission, unlike anywhere else, and pretty rainy. The nightmare, however, was that I left Othello in the middle of teaching some amazing people and left the place I loved so dearly. I remember that there was a point where driving in this mysterious new area was dangerous in my dream, since there had been some recent flooding and there were some backwoods roads that were particularly treacherous. I remember in my dream being super sad and telling my companion so, because of my having left Othello and being in this new place, beautiful as it was.

Odd, right? I thought so when I arrived here in the Dalles. It's one of the most beautiful places in the mission, it's unusually rainy, very wooded, oddly so for the mission, and I have a great companion. I'm even driving! I wonder if there was any significance in the dream, but if there is, I don't know what it would be. I'll be sure to watch out and not drive through any water.
Have you gotten more snow? It snowed here Saturday--probably at least 6 inches. - Nope, not anything. It's getting pretty warm.

How was the temple trip? Did you get to see the Falls? - The temple trip was fantastic! We saw the falls, but were not able to stop and get out. However, we definitely saw them. I don't have any pictures, sadly, since we were driving and it was rainy, but they were super beautiful.

Need anything? - Actually, I have a request, perhaps an odd one: Can you please send me copies of my karate katas to help me out with morning exercise? I think that might help me have more meaningful exercise time.

Where did you watch General Conference? What were your favorite talks? Any impressions you'd like to share? - We watched General Conference at the church. I loved Elder Costa's talk, possibly because he said everything we wanted to say super clearly but couldn't do. I also really like both of President Uchtdorf's talks a ton, and Elder Oaks. Of course, there was President Monson's talks, both of which were really enlightening. It was pretty awesome all-around.

Anything particular we should include in our prayers to help you? - Um, nah, you're probably fine. I think just to help us be full of the spirit and become better missionaries. That would help, always. More than anything, do stuff on your own. I was always terrible at that. I know that full-time missionaries can be a great help to a ward, especially in its missionary efforts. However, I feel that in the ideal world, a ward shouldn't need the full-time missionaries to share the gospel with others and bring more into the fold. Of course, it's just a lot easier with our help. The main thing I ask is: when you meet people, invite them to do things! Don't be silly about it, but too often we hide behind the wall of "looking silly" to avoid the sometimes frightening experience of inviting people to the Gospel. Go meet people, and invite them! Keep it up! Pray for missionary experiences, and then create them!

Pretty much.
How's The Dalles? Have you met the Youngs or the Jensens yet? - Actually, Sister Young drove us to the Portland Temple. It was pretty sweet. I also met the Loren and Marlene Jensen's daughter, since she stopped at church to say hi last week! She took a picture and sent it to her parents, threatening that since Loren passes through The Dalles a lot, they might stop and buy us lunch one day.
Editor's Note:  Loren and Marlene Jensen were our close friends (before Ben was born) when we lived in Oregon.  Sister Young is the mother-in-law of one of their daughters, and is in Ben's ward now.
Ich liebe dich! - Igualmente! Ciao!
Likewise, Ciao!

Elder Adams






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