Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 42: In which Brenda and Crystal start their journeys, I am transferred, and I consider how much I will miss Othello.

Ecclesiastes 3

Yo yo yo! Hey there! It's time to homey it up! Okay, writing that made me sick. Let's never do that again. Starting over...

Hey there, mi familia! Que tal? Estoy aqui, y estoy muy agradecido por el progreso de Brenda y Crystal. Ellos han crecido mucho, y quiero regresar cuando van al templo. Por su puesto, lo hare. Tambien estoy animado por ir al templo tambien, porque este proximo traslado voy a tener la oportunidad de ir a un templo diferente. Si. Esta vez, no tienen que esperar por esa informacion, pero lo doy en Espanol! Jajaja! Gabachos. No, no, no le creas. Les amo, claro.
Hey there, my family! How's it going? I am here, and I am really grateful for Brenda and Crystal's progress. They have grown a lot, and I want to come back when they go to the temple. Of course, I will do it. I am also excited to go to the temple also, because this next transfer I'm going to have the opportunity to go to a different temple. Yeah. This time, you don't have to wait for this information, but I'm giving it to you in Spanish! Ha ha ha! Foreigners. No, no don't believe it. I love you, clearly.

Well, good luck with that. I just did something super evil. For more details, however, stay tuned.

Juan is awesome. He has a sister, Rosa, who was investigating in Las Vegas, but didn't want to get baptized (she believes it doesn't matter which church you belong to, a very common idea). She just likes the Church a lot. However, Juan is a lot more open to our message. He came to church, and he loved it! He's really cool, and was apparently super engaged in the classes. They are going to love teaching him!

Brenda and Crystal are doing really super. First of all, Sunday night (just after Brenda got the Gift of the Holy Ghost), she was driving into her new job. Thing is, she told us later that she "just got a feeling" it wasn't the right job for her. She wasn't super bummed when she lost it later (due to having to take care of her family), because she new she needed to keep looking anyway. She's doing really great, especially when it comes to following the promptings of the spirit.

Remember Patty, who Brenda hated with a passion (and vice-versa)? Well, we challenged Brenda while leading up to her baptism to pray for Patty. Brenda has a super strong testimony of prayer. Well, she did. What's more, Tuesday they started talking again! In fact, Brenda gave her a ride to Moses Lake. She later told us again she "just got a feeling" she was supposed to try to help Patty out. On the way, she testifed about the powerful experience she had when she was baptized, and how much it changed her life. She wants to help Patty get rid of an abusive boyfriend (who is Brenda's now-ex), and she also wants to help Patty make the changes she wants in her life. They're both pretty good friends now, and Brenda has shown real friendship to Patty. She even went out with the other Elders to teach Patty! It's been crazy. She's already doing missionary work. Patty's boyfriend, however, has since caused a lot of trouble for both of them. It's been a really crazy week, and Brenda's gone through a lot of really tough times with a lot of drama. However, things are now looking really up for Brenda and her family!

So, you're all pretty much going to be wondering where I'm getting transferred. Oddly enough, I'm going to be companions with Elder Tapia, whose place I took here in Othello 2nd and 4th! It's funny how things work like that. I'm apparently going to one of the most beautiful places in the mission. That narrows it down a lot, huh? We're pretty much down to 2 places: Chelan or the Dalles. Well, Elder Tapia is in the Dalles now, so you should have already figured it out by now: The Dalles Spanish, here I come! That's right; I get to go to the Portland, OR temple this upcoming transfer! Elder Klossner is also leaving to be in Quincy West with Elder Boren (Elder Gaeta is taking his place), Elder Favila is going to Yakima Valley to be with Elder Wunderlich (Elder Kiser is taking his place), and Elder Richardson is taking my place. It's funny; Elder Richardson was actually just here to watch Brenda and Crystal's baptism. He is coming from being Elder Steadman's companion. Hehe. Yep. Little did he know that person he was watching being baptized would soon be his recent convert... hehehehehehe.

That's most of this week. The thought of leaving Othello is honestly super hard for me, and I'm not sure it's really registered yet. I don't want to go, honestly, but I'm also excited to meet new people and do good in another part of the world and the mission. I know the Lord has a plan for me there. For sure, though, I'm coming back to Othello after my mission, if nowhere else. Hey, I might even be transferred back sometime in the future! It has happened before.

Anyway, I love you all. I hope you all have the best week ever. Peace out.

-Elder Adánes
Some pictures
All in order from left to right:
Me, Asai Villarreal, Sister Villarreal, Kai V. and his brother (whose name escapes me) and Obispo Mike Villarreal.
Hna Luz Dominguez, Alonso, Rey, Frankie, Elder Ramirez, Elder Klossner
Hna. Ramirez, Hno. Ramirez (Saladmaster) and me
Me, la familia Marroquin
Me and the Gentry family (2nd Ward)
Me, Rosa, Crystal, Brenda


Elder Adams
Questions from Editor Mom

Que tal? - Bien bien, gracias!

Hope you've had a good week and are OK with whatever is happening with transfers this week. I know you love Othello. - Yep. I did. I also am. I also definitely do.

Are you involved in the Daily Dose program? Do you ever teach any classes or participate in any way? - We don't really participate in Daily Dose, since they want to keep it kind of separate from the missionaries. They don't want people getting scared away from the program. However, we definitely refer people to participate. Ana, one of our investigadoras, is going pretty regularly.
Editor's note: the "Daily Dose" program is a Church-sponsored class to help people learn & improve their English.

Have you used your Ironworks coupon? (There should be enough there for you to have treated, or to treat, your companion to lunch.) - Oh, we used it. I treated myself, Elder Fordham, Elder Favila, and Elder Aguirre. I had actually been once before. It was delicious, thank you! It's a super hip restaurante.

How are Brenda and Crystal doing? - Pretty good. They had a rough week, for sure, but they're doing super awesome!

How are you holding up / enduring? - Well. I am still alive. No, there's no reason I wouldn't be.

Any more encounters with funny/scary animals? - Nope. All is good!

When you DO leave Othello, what/whom will you miss the most? - I don't know everyone I'll meet, for sure, but pretty much everything. Brother Gentry, Bishop Risenmay, Brenda and Crystal, Yolie and Nikita, The Giles twins, Brother Orsen Giles (dad of the twins, Brian and Brent), Obispo Villarreal, Lion's Park, Little Mexico, Hermano Serna, Presidente and Sister Villarreal (Obispo's parents), Death Mountain (the hill down to Little Mex; it's awful to ride back to city on a bike), and pretty much everything.

Why are you asking?... >;-D

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