Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 31: In which I Skype with my family, Yolie asks for baptism, and we touch people through carols

I suppose it's probably time to email again...

(written Dec 26, 2016)

¡Buenos dias, todos! Quiero escribir un poquito en el idioma de espaniol hoy. Tenia una opportunidad ayer a hablar con mis padres y mi abuela. Fue un placer, realmente. Solo hay dos veces que tenemos para hablar con nuestras familias cada año.

Good morning, everyone! I want to write a little bit in the Spanish language today. I had an opportunity yesterday to talk with my parents and my grandma. It was really a pleasure. There are only two times that we have every year to talk with our families.

So, anyway, this week has been super full of miracles! It was really amazing. Julian came to church again! We also finally taught an amazing lady that we've been trying to meet with for a while. Her name is Rosa. We met her a few weeks ago doing service, and she seemed pretty awesome. We later saw her walk into an apartment near where we live, and made a note to go try to visit her. We went by a few days later, and she seemed super interested in talking in the future. The problem was, we couldn't find a time when she was free to meet, because she's really busy. It's extra hard because we need another member with us if we want to go inside (which we do in this weather). That's because she's a single mom and there's a rule for that both for safety and because we don't want to give any bad impressions. However, we finally found out when she can meet! We went by Tuesday with a member (whom we miraculously found), and she was really amazing. She has been looking for a church to attend here, and was super interested when we shared with her the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She was super grateful for the Book of Mormon, and when she looked at it briefly, she said it looked really cool. She's also excited to read something in Spanish, since she hasn't been able to do that for a long time. We're going back tomorrow.

We also finally taught Claudio a little bit, and we're going back soon! It's super exciting, and he's quite interested. He had never heard of the Book of Mormon before, and was really interested in the little bit we explained of it.

Finally, there are Yolie and Nikita. They are super awesome! We've been teaching Nikita for a while, and she is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it every single day. Her mom, Yolie, hadn't really kept many commitments when they were taught by the missionaries before. However, we taught Nikita a ton this last week. We met on Sunday and Wednesday and taught her, but the coolest lesson was Friday. We went by their house with a member, and we were able to teach both Yolie and Nikita.

As it turns out, Yolie told us that for a very long time she has felt that God has been wanting her to be baptized, and asked us if we could help her out. She really, really wants to be baptized. She wants to do whatever she can to prepare. She told us she wants to be baptized on February 11th. Nikita, even though she was earlier hesitant to have a day set for baptism, was ready to agree to that day. So now, both of them have agreed to be baptized, and they both really want to enough to prepare for it properly. They realize it's a big commitment, and we're all so excited for them as they continue to prepare!

Finally, we caroled a lot on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Bishop Risenmay and a former bishop of the 2nd ward really helped make Christmas for some of our coolest investigators. It was awesome to see. Thanks to them, they had presents and will have plenty of food this season. It was really cool to watch. On Christmas day, we had lunch with Bishop Villarreal. Also, upon hearing that we didn't have a dinner set up, some of the members here also invited us to dinner. I was completely stuffed by the end.

As a missionary, the thing that touched me the most this Christmas was when we caroled someone who was formerly looking into our message. They were so touched, since they had been having an awful day.  She had been complaining about how awful a day they were all having, and talked back whenever we said Merry Christmas. However, after caroling them, she sincerely said: "Merry Christmas. Thank you for making our day a lot better than it was."

Well, I hope you all have a really amazing New Year! I love you all, and I hope you all enjoy this wonderful season.


Elder Adams

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