Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 16: In which we make a box, teach Armando, and party with Lester

Hola, todos!

So, I want to apologize in advance since I unfortunately don't have a tone of time to write this week. I have to do some things to prepare for the upcoming Zone Conference this Wednesday! I'm so excited! It's going to be awesome, and we're going to learn so much.

This last week, we have really been focused on finding new people to teach. Nearly all of our previous investigators have proven nearly impossible to meet with or not very interested at all. As such, we have been trying so many new things to try to find people who are open to listening to our message. Our area really doesn't have many public spaces (such as parks), so really the main thing we do is go around, try to help people out, knock on doors, say hello on the street, and other stuff. Once new idea Elder Aguirre had, though, was to make little boxes where people can put their information and get permission to place them in a couple of the stores in our area. The boxes just say "If you or anyone you know would like to hear a message of Jesus Christ which brings peace, truth, and light, put your name here." - The Missionaries

We've already got one box in one of the stores. It's super cool; the lady who owns the store with her husband would actually love to hear a bit about our message, so we gave her an invitation to an upcoming Carne Asada party with the ward (I was on exchanges, so Elder Brassanini and I were in our area). We'll also try following up with her in a day or two (and checking the box). We also got permission to make another box and put it in the other main store in our area! It's super exciting!

We have been teaching the brother of Dalia, one of the less active members here. His name's Armando. We've only recently been able to start really teaching him, but he's super, super open! He has a HUGE desire to get baptized! As it turns out, though, we since found out that he only spends all his time in our area; he actually lives in the area of the sister missionaries in our district. Elder Aguirre and I are so excited for them!

Finally, one of the new members here, Lester, had his 12th birthday! It was super cool! He is definitely the best, tied for first place. He is way too cool for his age. We've been working with him and his family a bit, since he's really pretty new. My previous companion, Elder Wunderlich, was pretty much his best friend. He was the missionary who baptized him. It was super awesome to be able to see Lester pass the sacrament this last Sunday. The spirit was so strong. He is really spiritually strong, and he has a simply powerful testimony. For Lester's birthday, I bought him a Zebra brand pen/pencil set. Those are the kind I have been using, after all.

This morning for P-Day, we hiked a beautiful mountain called Saddle Rock. It's a really inspirational view of Wenatchee and the surrounding area. Today was a pretty crazy day, so I actually don't have my camera with me (we thought we were going home before emailing and I could get it). So, next week.

I love you all, and wish you all so much joy! There is truly nothing more happy than this the work of helping others.

Much love, all!

Elder Adams
Bonus question from Editor Mom:
Can you envision how being able to play cello could help you in your work?
I am playing cello for Zone Conference Wednesday, and also twice this next Sunday.

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