Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 10: In which our investigators are too busy, I hatch a plan to bake cookies, and forget my SD card. Again.

Hola, mi familia y mis amigos! Estoy muy emocionado por esta semana. Esta semana, estaba aprendiendo por la opportunidad a ser un mejor misionaro. Inserio! Yo espero que mi Espanol este mejorando, pero no estoy seguro. Cierto, ahora esta mas facil a hablar en el idioma, pero siempre estoy aprendiendo como mi espanol es todavia... horible. Claro, esta bien. Mama, en su ultima carta, yo creo que yo entiende todas de sus palabras. Lo siento, no puedo escribir espanol en la computadora perfecto, porque es dificil a hacer eso. Entonces, necesito escribir in ingles, porque tengo dolor de mi cabeza cuando yo trato a pensar en espanol. Tambien, muchos de ustedes no hablan esta lengua. Entonces, aurita hablare en ingles.
[Hi, my family and friends! I am very excited about this week. This week, I was learning for the opportunity to be a better missionary. Really! I hope my Spanish is getting better, but I'm not sure. Certainly, it is easier to speak in the language now, but I am always learning how my Spanish still is...horrible. Clearly, it's fine. Mom, in your last letter, I think I understood all your words. I'm sorry, I can't write perfect Spanish on the computer, because it is difficult to do that. So, I need to write in English, because I have a headache when I try to think in Spanish. Also, many of you don't speak this language. So, now I will speak in English.]

So, yeah. I'm working on my Spanish. Yep. All the time. 

This last week was pretty awesome. I think this week I'm going to focus on the people we've been teaching. We have indeed been by Natalie's again, but she's super busy preparing for her quince, going to dance classes, and working. Because of that, she hasn't been able to find time to pray and search for an answer yet, but when we went by yesterday evening, she promised she would do it today. I'm crossing my fingers! I know that if she prays wanting to know the truth, she will receive an answer.

We have also been talking to some other really cool people! We've been teaching another family as well; the dad's name's Jose, and his wife is Yesenia. They're pretty cool, but like Natalie, they haven't really taken the time to actually look for an answer. Our visits with them are few and far between, and I'm not sure if they're progressing. Still, they are definitely feeling the spirit when we go over. I think if we try one or two more times to really highlight the importance of action, they might take the time to read and prayerfully ponder the scriptures and our message.

Someone else we've been by is Ricardo and his wife Marina. They are just so awesome! Ricardo works in construction, and they have a really beautiful house. Ricardo speaks really great English (I don't even think he has any accent whatsoever), and so does his wife, but she feels more comfortable with Spanish. Because Ricardo is so busy with his construction job, he hadn't found time last time we went by to read or pray at all. Are you all sensing a pattern? It's a very common difficulty around this area, especially during the summer. The thing is, everyone here is so overworked during the harvest seasons that they really don't have a lot of time to either meet with us or try to search for truth. If people read the scriptures and pray to God, they can receive an answer! I did it myself years ago. It's admittedly sometimes hard to watch people stagnate because of a lack of commitment. Honestly, all it takes is a willingness to experiment and a desire to search for the truth.

Anyway, we're going by Ricardo and Marina tonight, so I'm hoping that will go well. We plan on inviting them to a tour of the church building, which would be great! We also want to give a tour to another person we're meeting with, Kenia (or Kenya, I honestly don't know how to spell that). We had a church tour scheduled with her for Friday, but when she went outside to come, she found out her husband had borrowed her truck without telling her. See, his was being fixed at the shop. So, that fell through. Still, we're excited to talk with her more this week and set another one up.

Kenia is really great. She is, however, facing quite a lot of opposition. She works selling phone plans, and the office at which she works recently became really short-staffed. They're running at below half-ideal. Because of that, she's working both afternoon and night shifts and 6 days a week, including all day on Sunday. That is a real challenge for her on many, many levels. It's made it really hard for her to keep commitments.

Anyway, I don't really have much time left to write more this week. I also can't give you a virtual tour of the apartment yet, since I found out that I left the SD card from my camera at the place where we email last week. I found it this morning, but that means I couldn't really take pictures because of that... so next time. I know I'm somewhat bad at that.

But, regardless, I love you all a ton! Also, thanks so much for the recipes! I'm totally making snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies to thank the people who have been helping us out, like Hermano Clive, who has been really going above and beyond.

Love you all!

Elder Adams

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