Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 4: In which I get a care package, practice for performances, and write a hymn

Hola, mi familia (this keyboard is faulty, so not much Spanish this week)!

Well, I've been here almost 3 1/2 weeks. Pretty crazy, huh? I was telling the new missionaries when they came in that every day feels like a week, but every week feels like a day. It's really not much of an exaggeration. Our district is awesome, as always, and we keep learning Spanish. We're mostly learning grammar, but my vocabulary is steadily expanding as well. The next step is not having to think about the words before saying them.

By the way, thank you so much for your awesome packages! The food in our companionship is now, thanks to you, the envy of the entire zone. I've been sharing it a bunch. It's kind of funny to watch people eat the German Peanut puffs. Most people still think they're going to taste like peanut butter or something, no matter what I say. A few people really liked them, and others began looking at me strangely when I started eating them. There is a district leaving the MTC tomorrow, so the plan is to open up the Kudu pate (or, as I like to say to those unfamiliar with either kudus or pate, "Spreadable Antelope Paste") as part of saying goodbye.

Also, as it turns out, I never ended up getting that new companion. Apparently he had been assigned to the same district as his girlfriend, so they were going to transfer him to our district. However, they ended up sorting it out somehow without sending him to us. I'm still super happy, though, because my companions are awesome. I don't have a lot of time left to write today, but the temple this morning was really a beautiful experience. That is, in many ways, the highlight of my week.

I also found out that when I leave the MTC, I get to call you in the airport. I have as much time as I can make before getting on the plane, but I only get 2 tries. I just wanted to give you a heads-up so we could coordinate once I find out my travel plans in 2 weeks. We'll get to talk! I'm pretty psyched up about that.

Okay, so a couple of interesting things. First, I'm playing cello with this awesome piano major named Elder Blackham in the big MTC-wide devotional tomorrow. Second, as some of you doubtless know, my cousin and I are in a small, special choir that is singing for the Mission Presidents Seminar this next week. Each day, we are opening talks by Elder Nelson, Elder Eyring, or Elder Uchtdorf. It's pretty awesome. Elder Blackham is also in that choir. It's a really cool experience. Third, one of my companions has a birthday in 2 days. Woohoo! Finally, my companions and I were inspired one night to begin writing a hymn. It's pretty cool. The three of us are collaborating on the lyrics and I'm setting them to music.

Oh, one more thing:

I couldn't end this email without a huge shout-out to my dad. He has been the best father I could ever hope for, and I have no idea where I would be without him. He has been by my side since I materialized as a so-called "purple monster" (in his words). I can never thank him enough. Dad, I love you. Happy Fathers Day.

Much love,

Elder Adams

Ben with Aurthur Silva (former member of our ward, now teaching at the MTC)

Special choir practicing (Ben is the tall guy in the back)

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